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The Mary case satin hands is like the best solution for dry hands hey guys this is Charlene Baker and I just wanted to shoot this quick video just so quick I guess you can say product review or testimonial about the satin hand set from Mary Kay let me tell you one of the issues that I had is that you know every time I wash my hands right you know I already have dry skin anyway but every time that I will wash my hands like I would get this dryness in between my fingers and then also like you can see like a Sheena sand practice there and the thing is that it's just very irritable to go around walking with dry hands especially you know washing your hands after going to the bathroom or let's say you're in the field where you have to constantly wash your hands like nurses doctors or here constantly dealing with children and so the reason why I like the satin handset is that I'm going to open it so you guys can see the content inside is number one it comes with this hand softener so right before you wash your hands it's going to help just alleviate any type of dry skin that you have already, and it's pretty much for hydration right I actually love using this at night as well right before I go to bed I put it like on my hands and on my feet alright so that way during the night it's getting nice and moisturized, so you get that instead you can't see it, but that's okay I'm going to sit down the next thing is the smoothie scrub this thing is so awesome because it's exfoliating all that dead skin on your hands so, and you can actually feel it working, and it smells so good this is the peach fragrance I love the smell and as soon as you know you're scrubbing your now you're getting off in between your fingers and as soon as you rinse this off you can immediately instantly feel like the smoothness of your hands right, so that's the second part and then last but not least I carry this around in my purse this is the hand cream right you put this on after you've dried your hands you put this on and your hands are hydrated for up to 12 hours now of course you more than likely will wash your hands again within 12 hours and so you would just repeat the process a lot of times you don't have to always use this I'm more so use this at night but everyday you know using the does this movie scrub to exfoliate get all that disc and off and also clean your hands as well, and then I follow up with the hand cream until my hands feel nice and soft and smooth, and they smell so good so guys if you want to purchase the satin hand set you can click on the link directly below this video, and it will take you to a PayPal Spring where you can go ahead and order this I will mail it out within the next 24 to 48 hours and here's what you'll get if you decide to go ahead and order the second hand set you will get some samples galore right I'll go ahead and send you the time wise cleanser and moisturizer sample, so I will contact you to find out what type of skin that you have if you...
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